Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27, 2010

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Arturo Sandoval, "Apres Un Reve", A Time for Love
Rita Edmond, "Gentle Rain", A Glance at Destiny
Jeff Antoniuk, "Waltz With the Wind", Brotherhood
Russ Kassoff, "Yes Sir, That's My Baby", Bird Fly By
Lawrence Lebo, "Walking the Back Streets", Don't Call Her Larry
Paul Wertico, "The Boss Needs To See You", Impressions of a City
Gregory Porter, "Pretty", Water
Norm Amadio, "Out of the Cool", . . . and Friends
Minas, "Temporal", Bossa Nova Day
Sun Ra, "Immortal Being", Beyond the Purple Star Zone
Soft Machine, "Chloe and the Pirates", NDR Jazz Workshop
Ziggurat Quartet, "The Bottom Stair", Calculated Gestures
Graffiti, "BL&T", Graffiti
Vocal Jazz Collective, "Time After Time", Redefinition
Corey Christiansen, "Down Time", Outlaw Tractor

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13, 2010

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Dave Glasser, "Monk's Blues", Evolution
Kristy, "You Don't Know Me", My Romance
Riyel, "Port-Au-Prince", Riyel
Jim Pearce, "Let's Run Away", I'm in the Twilight of a Mediocre Career
Monica Mancini, "Ballad of the Sad Young Men", I've Loved These Days
Peter Epstein & Idee Fixe, "Creamy Center", Abstract Realism
Sarah Manning, "Crossing, Waiting", Dandelion Clock
Linda Ciofalo, "One for My Baby", Dancing with Johnny
Jon Gold, "Parafuso A Menos", Brazil Confidential
Roberto Occhipinti, "Marta", A Bend in the River
Mark Piszczek, "Was It Something I Said?", Bamboo Philharmonic
Moutin Reunion Quartet, "Depths Light", Soul Dancers
Robin McKelle, "Everybody Knows", Mess Around
Ray Vega, Thomas Marriott, "Big Brother", East West Trumpet Summit

Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16, 2010

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Ian Carey, "Disinvited", Contextualizin'
Roberta Gambarini, "Golden Slumbers/Here,There,Everywhere", So In Love
Orrin Evans, "Wheel Within a Wheel", Faith in Action
Stan Kenton Alumni Band, "Invitation", Have Band Will Travel
Antonio Adolfo/Carol Saboya, "So In Love", Here and There
Gerry Gibbs, "Calypso Frelimo", Plays Miles Davis
Trombone Shorty, "On Your Way Down", Backatown
Ori Dagan, "I Wish I Were In Love Again", S'cat Got My Tongue
Jose James/Jef Neve, "Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You", For All We Know
Woody Witt, "Northern Face", First Impression
Benjamin Boone, "Big Mitch", Live
Wellstone Conspiracy, "Anne Rose", Motives
Jacky Terrasson, "Beat It/Body & Soul", Push
YT little d, "Dancer", Dancer

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2, 2010

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Garaj Mahal, "Witch Doctor", More Mr Nice Guy
Nnena Freelon, "I Feel Pretty", Homefree
Art Pepper, "Imagination", Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section
Shawn Maxwell Quartet, "Different Colors of Cool", Maxwell's House
Doug Ferony, "That's All", It had to be You
Organissimo, "Jimmy Smith Goes to Washington", Alive & Kickin'
John Vanore & Abstract Truth, "Motion Potion", Curiosity
Lynette Washington, "Get Back", Kaleidoscope
Andrew Oliver Sextet, "Only a Quality Lime for Eric Gruber #1", 82% Chance of Rain
Speak, "People or Cats", Speak
Kristin Porter, "Teach Me Tonight", By the Light of the Moon
Frank DiBussolo, "Loco Linda", Average White Cats
Stanton Moore, "Neeps and Tatties", Groove Alchemy
Carrie Wicks, "I'm Lost", I'll Get Around to It
Pharez Whitted, "Until Tomorrow Comes", Transient Journey

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18, 2010

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Tom Gavornik, "Grateful to You", On the Floor
Yuko Ito, "Dindi", Mania de Voce
Nelda Swiggett, "Jack and Key Boo Ba", This Time
Mark Weinstein, "Encuentro", Timbassa
Michael Zilber, "Sonnet", Billy Collins Project
Howard Levy, "Song for Susan", Tonight and Tomorrow
Anat Cohen, "What a Little Moonlight Can Do", Clarinetwork
Sarah Partridge, "Wonder Why", Perspective
Jeff Healey, "Time on My Hands", Last Call
Andrew Oliver, "Biannual/Biennial", 82% Chance of Rain
Brad Mehldau, "Don't Be Sad", Highway Rider
Christian Scott, "K.K.P.D.", Yesterday You Said Tomorrow
Sylvia Bennett, "Make Someone Happy", Smile
Scott DuBois, "River Life", Black Hawk Dance

Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4, 2010

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John Jorgenson Quintet, "Ultraspontane", Ultraspontane
Roberto Badoglio, "Perfect Landing", Re-Evaluation-Time
Brad Mehldau, "Sky Turning Grey", Highway Rider
Liam Sillery, "Holding Pattern", Phenomenology
Daniel Smith, "Sack of Woe", Blue Bassoon
VW Brothers, "Zaoatos de Medera", Muziek
Carol Morgan Trio, "Prince Albert", Opening
Maurice Coyle, "Cycles", Ultra Sounds
Lady K & Kings of Swing, "My Foolish Heart", Live at Blackhawk
Michael Treni, "Blues for Charlie", Turnaround
Hal Galper, "How Deep is the Ocean", E Pluribus Unum
Wide Hive Players, "Always in a Jam", Wide Hive Players
Debbie Poryes, "Here, There, & Everywhere", Catch Your Breath
El Movimiento, "Hypnosis", The Movement

Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010

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Jason Bodlovich, "Coatash", The Culprit
Mose Allison, "Everybody Thinks You're an Angel", The Way of the World
Charlie Apicella & Iron City, "Billie Jean", Sparks
John Blake Jr, "A City Called Heaven", Motherless Child
Sarah Partridge, "Skylark", Perspective
Christopher Lehman, "The Party Grind", PopJazzic
Bob Sneider & Paul Hofmann, "Peri's Scope", Serve and Volley
Jamie Cullum, "You and Me are Gone", The Pursuit
George Cotsirilos Trio, "Rosie's Tune", Past Present
Garaj Mahal, "Frankly Frankie Ford", More Mr. Niceguy
Scenes, "Leviathon", Rinnova
Lin McPhillips, "The Wind", My Shining Hour
Matthew Kaminski, "Hot Dog", Taking My Time
Josh Charles, "I'm Always Here For You", Love, Work, & Money
Daniel Smith, "Solid", Blue Bassoon